Aerial Transport

  • Import / Export.
  • Programmed consolidations.
  • Space in assured warehouse.
  • Network of agents carefully selected.
  • Specialists in marine dangerous merchandise.

Ocean Transport

  • Import / Export.
  • Weekly consolidations.
  • Agreements of tariffs with the main marine lines.
  • Space in assured warehouse.
  • Specialists in marine dangerous merchandise.

Customs Office

  • Import / Export.
  • System MARIA in our offices.
  • Certifications of all type (Senasa, Industry, Renar, etc)

Courier Express's Service

  • Our Courier Express's service for imports and exports to the whole world of an easy and simple way to realize his sending
  • We have planned and ready everything in order that his sending comes door to door in date and perfect condition to any place of the world, with test of automatic delivery, pick-ups in the whole world, customs liberation and it delivers the final consignee, offering safety and efficiency
  • Flights and deliveries diaries for sending of samples and documents of up to a maximum declared value of u$s 1000.-and one not major weight to 50 kg
  • BA Logistic S.A. offers a postal paragraph in Miami, USA, where you can receive his purchases, catalogues, reports and packages realized across Internet and support them in a sure place to realize the delivery of the same ones according to his convenience
  • Service of delivery door to door I hold to customs duties.
  • Assurance for the merchandise in traffic.
  • Reliable and rapid Service in the whole world.
  • Follow-up on line of his sending from the moment of the compilation up to the delivery of the same one.

Added Value

  • Pursuit of orders of purchase.
  • Surely the intrenational of load door / door.
  • Consultancy of logistics and transports.

International Removals